City Boys FC & OBSCR tackle inequality with fashion

The Tokyo-based brand who effortlessly combine football and fashion, City Boys FC, have collaborated with OBSCR to create a collection that promotes equality in the sport.

OBSCR are from Kuala-Lumpur and that international partnership embodies the message that these clothes are trying to convey perfectly. Entitled ‘EQUALITY,’ they are looking to emphasise the universal language that is football, and how the sport has the power to overcome the issues of racial inequality that are, unfortunately, still not completely eradicated from the game.

The mixing of football and soccer on the ‘Foot-ccer’ hoodie is a tongue and cheek dig at the differing names we all have for the game around the world. The important thing, though, is not to focus on how many different names it has or which is the right one. Rather, we can focus on the fact that it is the same game we’re all talking about and it is this which lays in the essence of what these two brands are trying to do.

The ‘RESPECT’ tee speaks for itself, with the cool front facing graphics showing footballers holding hands like some kind of John Lennon ‘Imagine’ music video remixed. This, along with the ‘El Tigre’ tote bag completes a nice trio of products from these two brands who are combining their take on fashion with a positive message.