Cheers to the weekend: 4 Casa Ron Cocktails

The weekend is a time to unwind and this time around, we’re doing so with some Casa Ron rum.

If you’re after some inspiration for your weekend drink, look no further, as we bring you four recipes from these great rums. First, we’re using the Perla del Norte Carta Blanca, a delicious white rum that works amazingly with the following ingredients…



“She’s Perla fresh”

  • 50ml Perla del Norte Carta Blanca
  • 200 ml tonic
  • Basil leaves
  • Crushed lemongrass
  • Segment of lime
  • Ice cubes

“Roses are red”

  • 50ml Perla del Norte Carta Blanca
  • 200 ml rosewater
  • 1 strawberry (in parts)
  • Segment of lime 
  • Edible flower
  • Ice cubes

“Sweet mystery”

  • 50ml Perla del Norte Carta Blanca
  • 200 ml ginger beer
  • Half passion fruit
  • Ice cubes

Finally, we bring you a classic with one of Casa Ron’s darker rums, the Perla del Norte Anejo. As ever, only made from the finest Cuban sugar canes, this is another first class rum that will make this timeless drink to life – with help from those limes of course.


“Cubra Libre 2.0”

  • 50ml Perla del Norte Anejo
  • 200 ml cola
  • Lime segment
  • Ice cubes


Drink responsibly everyone and raise your glass to the weekend.