Casa Ron Rum: Bringing some Cuban lifestyle to your new year

We all know Cuba for colourful architecture, cigars, latin jazz music, classic cars, and it’s tropical climate. But it’s also known for its rum, and that’s something that Casa Ron Rum have got right…


During their regular trips to Cuba, especially to the enchanting and colourful capital city of Havana, they discovered the true Cuban way of life. That is simply, to enjoy it. To celebrate life no matter the reason. Fortunately, it being a new year already, reasons are easy to find. 

The secret to their amazing tasting rums is their dedication to using old Cuban rum houses. With the sugarcane needed to make the iconic drink being so local, it is this organic nature of creating rum that makes their drinks so special, paying homage to years of history with every bottle they make.

Established in 1862, Ron Santiago de Cuba is the oldest rum house that they use. With over 150 years of successful distillery experience, they produce first-class traditional rums as well as the very exclusive La Isla del Tesoro rum, only available through CasaRon. Elsewhere there is Ron Perla del Norte, founded in the 1960’s for the production of rum and liqueurs in the old factory of José Arechabala and Aldama. Sadly, it went out of business in 1990 but in 2012, it was revived this brand was revived with a totally new concept and design.

The final rum house that Casa Ron Rum use is an award-winning institution. A testament to over 50 years of rum-making excellence that you can enjoy via Casa Ron Rum, themselves. Founded in Santo Domingo in 1964, with the aim to only provide consumption for those living in Cuba, four amazing flavours come from the Ron Cuban rum house – each of which is enjoyed on a worldwide scale.

It’s the dedication to these establishments and to the art of making fine, traditional and Cuban rums that makes what Casa Ron Rum so unique. To learn even more about them, or to get some of their mighty fine rum to start off this new year, head over to their site.


Words: Bjorn de Hoop