Carhartt WIP opens new store in Amsterdam

The exciting opening of Carhartt’s newest store in Amsterdam has brought with it some extremely special work the historic brand – inspired by football.

Inspired by football and specific to the city, itself, with the iconic workwear brand remixing the logo of one of Amsterdam’s most famous exports. Not Heineken, not Rembrandt but Ajax, the gigantic football club that encapsulates so much of what it is to be in the Dutch capital.

The Greek legend, Ajax, himself, is featured on this tee which uses the colours of the club’s current away strip to craft an item of clothing that has got a lot of people talking about it. The head of Ajax, albeit a much more contemporary, bucket-hatted version of him, features on the emblem, looking laid-back whilst he smokes away on the front of this t-shirt. With the three stars above him, commemorating all of AFC Ajax’s three European Cup triumphs, this connotes both the current stylings of the streetwear scene that Carhartt is such a big player within, and the nod to history that the brand is so good at making.

Very few brands can honestly say their heritage ranges have as much genuine history as that of Carhartt, with their timeless workwear surviving season upon season, year upon year and even decade upon decade. Their denim jackets, their corduroy pieces and even their dungarees have stood the test of time – one of the reasons why Carhartt is such a popular, celebrated brand all over the world.

It’s also one of the reasons why the expansion of this historic, timeless brand in Amsterdam is an exciting one, with Carhartt WIP opening it’s doors to the new store on Utrechtstraat tonight. The Ajax tee will be available exclusively in this very store.