Calvin Stengs in The Weeknd’s new H&M range

In the upcoming issue of Life After Football, we’re delighted to have one of the most exciting young talents in the Dutch game right now – 18-year-old Calvin Stengs.

He was wearing some of The Weekend’s collaboration with H&M as the partnership between the R&B singer and the brand steps into fall and winter with all the style that they’ve conjured up so far. At 18, Stengs represents a demographic that H&M suits well, the young and the ambitious – a player who is sure to face challenges and learn from them with wisdom beyond his years. Cruelly, he’s been dealt a tough challenge already this season with an unfortunate┬áinjury, but if the maturity he displayed on this pre-season afternoon with us is anything to go by, Stengs will learn from his time out and come back even stronger.

He’s only just broken into the first team at AZ Alkmaar, but AZ without him has already been described by the legend, Henk Spaan as a ‘Rembrandt in the dark.’ It’s maybe too early on for such statements, especially when he has a talented team around him, but there’s no doubt that he is capable of becoming one of the next Dutch Masters. He’s stylish on and off the pitch, too, something that we found out on a windswept afternoon with Calvin as he rocked a number of outfits made up from the new H&M range for men.

Once a child model when he was even younger than he is present day, the forward was as comfortable in these outfits, in front of our camera than he is when running at defenders. You’ll be able to see the full collection of photography in the next issue of Life After Football, as well as an exclusive interview from the exciting talent he is. But, as ever, we’ve been sneaky behind the scenes, capturing some of the photo shoot vibes on a point and shoot 35mm camera.

In these photos, we can see Stengs’ draped in this new, versatile collection of the household retailer, as H&M prove that, like Calvin and his AZ squad, they are ready for the season ahead. The warmth of the sweatshirts and the ability to accompany, combine and mix clothes up with some smart layering will come in handy as the weather changes – on this breezy day in the picturesque Alkmaar, this was the case too.