Bryson Tiller jet skis through the streets in new ”Self-Made” video..

Following Bryson Tiller’s May release of his second studio album ‘True to Self’, ‘Self Made’ the album’s debut single sees Grammy nominated director Colin Tilley produce another slick video to add to his impressive portfolio.

Much like Tilley’s visuals of K-Dot’s ‘Alright’ the ‘Self Made’ video is shot in black and white with Tiller’s native Louisville, Kentucky set as a backdrop and sees him standing atop a moving BMW i8, riding a jet ski with police in pursuit and nonchalantly rapping in the the middle of a storm. 

This is the second time in quick succession that Tiller and director Colin Tilley have worked with one another as the Californian director was the man behind the video for Rihanna, Dj Khaled and Tiller’s Wild Thoughts.