British rapper meets footballing hero

Meeting our heroes can be an incredible and even surreal experience, even when you’re one of the continent’s hottest musicians with fans of your own.

It was no different for Loyle Carner, the London rapper who’s deservedly blown up in the past year. Thanks to the BBC, the football mad artist he was able to meet his and most notably, his late father’s all-time hero, Eric Cantona. Carner brings a vintage Cantona shirt with him at every gig, even naming his first nationwide tour after the former Manchester United forward. So, when he got to meet the man in question, you can imagine his excitement – even if he is actually a Liverpool fan.

If you haven’t listened to his beautiful, soulful and Mercury Award nominated album, you may at least recognise him as one of the faces of the latest YSL campaign. But other than that, it’s clear that the musician is just a starstruck football fan like the rest of us.