#Breaking2: Nike athletes attempt to make history

Nike announced some big plans.

They revealed the date on which three of their athletes will attempt to make history. Eliud Kipchoge, Lelisa Desisa and Zersenay Tadese will attempt to break the two-hour marathon barrier on May 6th (TOMORROW) in the scenic setting of Monza, Italy. #Breaking2.

Setting off at 5.45 AM, the potentially legendary moment will be closed to the public with only the staff and trainers there to encourage the athletes whilst they attempt this incredible feat.

To watch it unfold, you have to sign up here and receive a notification reminder for when the attempt is happening. Live Breaking2 coverage will begin about 15 minutes before race start with Sal Masekela hosting the show with Paula Radcliffe, Craig Masback and Kevin Hart providing commentary. It promises to be an iconic moment in the history of sport and we’d like to wish all the best of luck to Eliud, Lelisa and Zersenay!