B&O’s Beolab 50 is the future of sound…


That’s what they’re calling it, and it’s probably an accurate statement.

Bang & Olufsen are truly a brand worth celebrating. They stand for the highest of audio and visual experience and mix that with a great eye for design and a clean, timeless aesthetic.

Whether their paying tribute to the retro like with their TVs , or providing futuristic efforts to improve the audio experience of your home entertainment, they put everything into how their products perform and how they look. The Beolab 50 is no different…


With a slender, tall silhouette, the Beolab 50 can stand out if you want it, too, acting as a prominent yet graceful feature of a room. Or alternatively, it’s classy appearance allows it blend into your living room, with a modern design more often seen in furniture than in sound systems. The aluminium surfaces and warm oak lamellas are inherently Bang & Olufsen, making them a perfect combination with their other products not just through technical spec but through their aesthetic, too.

They are adapted to every way you could need audio. Be it for some atmospheric movie soundtracking or for some room-shaking music, the audiophiles at B&O take pride in the flexibility of their hardware and the Beolab embodies this. And choosing exactly how you want to control this forward-thinking system is easy, with the controls at your touch. Seamless control options tailored to the ways you interact with technology in your home come in the form of the BeoRemote One, or your smartphone or tablet, for interactive and detailed customisation of how you get the most of your Beolab 50.

One step in the direction of the future, too, is courtesy of a no-fuss approach, made possible by no cluttering wires or a central control system. With the 7 dedicated built-in amplifiers, there is no need for a separate amplifier or tangling audio cables. Just plug it into a power socket and BeoLab 50 is ready to perform.

You can learn more about what looks like the future of audio at Bang & Olufsen – there is a lot to learn but even more to enjoy.