Borek: For your garden all-year round

Many people only associate their garden with the summertime, however, Borek have amazing, durable furniture that you can enjoy all year round.

2018 Borek Dekton trilium

Built of nothing but the best materials, both in terms of durability and their stylish look, Borek have been killing the furnishing game when it comes to the garden. They have amazing designers who put their passion for craftsmanship and interior/exterior design into each and every piece, many of which can be seen in their beautiful new showroom and their swanky magazine.

They’ve now been doing this for 40 years, celebrating their anniversary right now. The Dutch outdoor furniture designers have been creating stunning this furniture since 1977 when hair was curlier, music was funkier and Borek’s products were just as innovative as they are today.

Their work is always eye-catching – classy and stylish without going over the top. An element of simplicity usually looks great when it comes to design, yet it’s so complicated to get right. For Borek, however, it is seemingly easy as their designers nail it every time.

Here’s a sample of some of their latest items that could make your garden your favourite part of your home, no matter what time of year…

Be sure to check out their website to see more from them, or order one of their brochures for some serious garden inspiration.