Boiler Room x Juventus

juve boiler room

The worlds of music and football are colliding, as Boiler Room and Serie A giants, Juventus partner to bring a celebration of both to New York City this week. a music platform from the UK so ingrained in the culture of a nation

Boiler Room is a music platform from the UK, so ingrained in the culture of the nation that it’s on the way to becoming national traditional. They export a variety of sounds and scenes worldwide, bringing the underground to the masses with captivating live performances and sets, live streamed all over the world. With crowds both in the venues that they shutdown and watching on Facebook and website feeds, they bring a very audience-friendly approach to their entertainment. Crowds in attendance rub shoulders with the artists, themselves, as rappers spit bars from behind the decks where the punters stand, head-bop and dance.

Juventus teaming up with this cultural movement looks to be part of the forward thinking branding within the 120-year-old Turin club, with their new team crest, the third in Gigi Buffon’s eternal career at Juve, a statement of intent of how the modern Old Lady will operate. High fashion, high culture and an appreciation of the arts seem to be what they are preaching, along with continuing to dominate Italy in terms of Serie A and Copa Italia titles. Hosting this event along with Boiler Room and the guys behind Everyday People, underlines how in touch Juve are with the modern media landscape. The fact this party is going to pop off in NYC, will only help their club, their brand and their fanbase grow across the Atlantic – helped previously by Drake repping Juve colours not too long ago.

What can you expect from the event? Gonzalo Higuain on the microphone? Gigi Buffon spinning records?

Don’t worry, Everyday People have secured a fire line-up as always, bringing no lesser name in hip-hop than Talib Kweli. A cult hero, a subtle legend and one of the rappers to first emerge within the same group of talents as a well-known rapper/producer known as Kanye West. With decades of mic controlling to his name, his live raps are worthy of gracing many occasions – to have him at such a celebration of football culture as well as music, is a special thing.

As ever, this Boiler Room event is FREE ENTRY. So if you’re lucky enough to be in the vicinity of New York, make sure you head to the Boiler Room website and request a ticket. You don’t want to miss what will be a special night of music and football, as well as a big day in modern makeup of one of our sport’s most famous and iconic clubs.

Forza Juve. Forza Boiler Room.