B&O: providing steady quality and innovation

Bang & Olufsen is providing unrivaled quality and innovation

One of the few rock steady companies in technology, Danish-based Bang & Olufsen has existed for over 90 years. Its key materials are aluminium, glass and wood, which make for its minimalistic though modern look.

What is so special about the brand is that you can still upgrade the TV or sound system you bought ten or more years ago: not only have all materials been designed to be mixed and matched, but also products have been designed for you to be able to conduct your own ‘total package’. Imagine you bought one of the TVs released ten years ago, you still love the design, but you feel the sound system may need an upgrade… Easy does it! Every product Bang & Olufsen has designed over the recent years, is meant to be aligned with any previously released version. This is what they call ‘backwards compatibility’ and it makes it easy for you to upgrade your home with some new accessories, bringing a fresh twist to your TV or sound (surround) system. All in all, Bang & Olufsen provides durable quality.

Hence it is no wonder that Bang & Olufsen has established a steady community of users. Clients are long-term customers and all of this is caused by Bang and Olufsen’s timeless designs and constantly innovating new elements.

The most impressive items we’ve seen upon our visit to their Amsterdam showroom definitely is the Beolab 90 speaker and the matching Beovision Avant 75 TV. This may come at a certain price, but its quality and impressive sound will make you feel as though you’re actually in the movie you’re playing… Or that your favourite artist is hosting a private concert, just for you, in your living room. Truly a very unique experience!

Bang & Olufsen Amsterdam | Van Baerlestraat 116 Amsterdam | www.bang-olufsen.com

Beovision Avant 75 TV (EU 14995) & Beolab 90 speaker (69990)