B&O: BeoVision Eclipse

The fine workings of Bang & Olufsen are not new to us at Life After Football, nor should they be to you. The tech company have been created truly beautiful TVs and audio for years, pushing boundaries and blurring the boundaries between technology and art.

But that doesn’t stop them trying to outdo themselves every year and every new release, as proved by BeoVision Eclipse…

Joining forces with LG Electronics for the first time, the partnership combines LG’s expertise in superb screen clarity with B&O’s passion for sound to create the ultimate TV experience. Truly the best of both worlds, the new TV integrates a 3-channel SoundCentre and a visual appearance that mixes glass with coloured fabric or aluminium to make not only a beautiful on-screen picture, but also a simply amazing looking television and sound system.

That’s always the case with B&O – they craft not just the highest levels of advanced audio or in this case visuals, but also they make something that you really, really want in your living room. The design draws on the classic Bang & Olufsen ideal of aesthetic simplicity, highlighting the importance of sound in doing so. The slim glass surface continues beneath the SoundCentre, which in turn expands beyond the screen on both sides. This makes for some exciting contrasts – between image and sound, slimness and volume. However, at the same time, the design naturally integrates all elements in an appealing design that is going to look incredible in your own home.

There’s room to make it a more personal addition to your house, with optional additional speakers should you need to play Kendrick’s DAMN extra loud when tickets drop for his tour this week. Plus, you can leave a personal mark on the design of the BeoVision Eclipse itself, as it’s possible to customise the speaker front by choosing either aluminium or coloured fabrics.

All in all; high-quality sound, high-quality picture and a ridiculously cool design makes this a great addition to any living room.

For a full round-up of all the features pakced into this 4K beauty, visit Bang & Olufsen.