BMW: Leftover Art

Always thinking creatively and then innovating with this vision, BMW has come up with an artistic metaphor to display their newest intentions; the leftover left foot.

In the world of football, we’ve got a lot of love for players that are skilful with both feet. However, complementary┬áSteptronic automatic transmissions in every new BMW means that if you’ve got one of the latest beautiful Beamers, you’re only going to use your right foot to drive it.

So what to do with the left? Well, BMW asked two creatives, Annebel and Esther, to answer that question in their own unique way. They’ve been challenged to create different products, recycling the unneeded left shoe for a new use. Bottle holders, windmills and more, take a look what the girls came up with here to celebrate this new BMW policy that will make driving easier, more comfortable and crucially, aligned with the recycling of the neglected shoe, better for the environment.

So, maybe if you’re not so keen on drinking whisky from a shoe, you can at least appreciate the good that this new exciting change will do for emissions.