Biró – from A to B this summer


You may have seen a Life After Football Biró zipping around Amsterdam at some point, weaving road blocks on a mission to create content, no doubt.

Smart, sleek and surprisingly quick, the Biro is an incredibly effective way of getting around the city. Take a bike path or take the roads, easily find somewhere to park it up and you have the best way to get around busy and hectic roads with no stress at all. Whether it’s the lunch run or the rush to make a photoshoot, the four wheels of this little mobile are the unsung heroes of Life After Football magazine.

Despite the tiny size of this automobile, you’ll be surprised at how comfy it is to drive, even with a buddy in the passenger seat and lots of equipment or clothes (or food) in the back. A comfy interior meets a tough exterior as the Biró is sturdy and safe, fit for the hustle and bustle of inner-city life. Big, thick tyres mean that it doesn’t struggle with much, be it kerbs or speed bumps that aim to slow you down as this bad boy nears its maximum speed.

The open nature of the Biró means that this summer, it might just be the coolest way to get around in more ways than one. It’s stylish and technologically cool, of course. But also, feeling that breeze in your hair as you get from A to B is one of the most refreshing, relaxing ways to get about.

Don’t worry about traffic. Don’t worry about petrol. Don’t even worry about parking. Just worry about enjoying your summer, enjoying your city and enjoying speeding around in a Biró.

(Yours may or may not come with Life After Football details.)