Audemars Piguet – Golf Trophy 2017

For one reason or another, football and golf go hand in hand.

Whether it’s calmness of the scenic course compared to the thousands of eyes in a football stadium, or the self-reliance of golf compared to the team nature of football, the fairways have long been a welcome break for those used to the pitch.

Audemars Piguet are also invested in the pastime, as they recently hosted their 5th annual golf tournament. The Swiss watchmaker invited an array of guest stars including professional golfers like Andy Sullivan and Renato Paratore, and former pro footballers and in his case a legendary one; Ruud Gullit.

With fine food on offer as well as fine drives, pitches and putting, a grand celebration of the brand and the sport was had and it was a pleasure to be a part of the event that took place in the beautiful and illustrious, International Golf Club in Amsterdam.