Appelsap drop clothing range before the festival

The summer may be threatening to wind down now, but there’s still time to enjoy the benefits this wonderful season brings – notably, music and summer fashion.

The countdown to Appelsap is also heating up, as Amsterdam’s biggest celebration of hip-hop culture lands at Flevopark in just a matter of weeks time. To reel in the festival, itself, Appelsap has produced a collection of clothing fit for the festival and otherwise, both independently and with help from Order. The collection consists of some effortlessly cool merchandise, including iron on patches, t-shirts, sweatshirts, a fanny pack and an exclusive collaboration with the aforementioned creative collective, Order.

The t-shirts are especially strong, with a comfortable looking fit and pastel colours being typical of the festival and typical of the hip-hop culture that inspires it. As for the fanny-packs, they could come in extremely useful for carrying festival necessities like sunglasses and cameras – it seems the designers have really thought this through! If you’re lucky enough to be attending the festival, these garments are going to make a great memento – if you’re not, they’re still seriously stylish clothing that is going to add some colour and comfort to the remainder of your summer.

As for the lookbook, a diverse range of models and locations goes along with the theme of One Love at this year’s fest. It means that hip-hop culture envelopes people from all walks of life, all parts of the globe, all social classes and above all else, it brings people together like only music can. The release of this clothing range at the pop-up store event celebrates all of this, as well as the fact that so many hip-hop heads will be brought together in just two weeks time!