Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce: 7 times the speed of Neymar… and much cheaper

Alfa Romeo has a history of producing beautiful looking cars. So much so that, on some levels, the look of the car has been just as important, if not more so, than the performance of the car itself.

However, to overlook the speed and power of some of Alfa Romeo’s vehicles would be to do them disrespect. Their combination of speed and stunning appearances makes them a special brand and outstanding value for money – something that is lacking in the current transfer window.

Neymar’s move to PSG blew the transfer record out of the water as a 200 million euro fee was reached and exceeded just a summer after Pogba’s 100 million fees seemed astronomical. That’s without even discussing the wages – Neymar is costing his new French side around 550 thousand euros per month. Yeah, he looks good on the pitch, he has flair he has style, and he’s quick, too – Barcelona’s quickest player last season as he hit 35km/h in his Nike boots.

But if you’re after such style and flair, with a top of around 12 times faster than Neymar’s, look no further than the Giulia Veloce Q4 – it’s much cheaper than a Brazillian striker, too. This beautiful car has top speeds of 250km/h, reaching 100 in just 6.5 seconds. Its sleek design is made from racing DNA, giving a sporty appearance yet once lavished in Alfa’s typical luxurious style. And what’s more? If you pick this supercar up from a trusted Alfa Romeo dealer like Frank Vaneman Automotive, you can expect to pay so much less than it costs to pay the comparatively slow Neymar that it’s not even worth getting the calculator out for.

If you haven’t got the money of PSG’s billionaire owners, don’t have much use for a footballer on your driveway, but still want to splash out on a genuinely, well-crafted, high-performance sports car, consider the Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce.

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