adidas Bring Back the Champagne Colourway

You must’ve already seen it, but it needs your attention again.

The original adidas Predators in these colours were legendary, styled for the man who was the biggest name in football at the time – not to mention a fashion icon of the world. By the time of the 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea, David Beckham was, to an extent, the face of football.

His face, his hair, his free-kicks and of course, his boots, were recognisable the world over – one of the reasons why these champagne boots were so famous and iconic of the time. He wore them as he struck a penalty into an Argentine net, the penalty that meant redemption from his red card in the same World Cup fixture four years earlier. These boots and the revamped colourway, pack a lot of history and that’s why their resurfacing has been such a big deal.

The full collection can be found at adidas, and they leave it up to the current players of today to write their own stories with them.