adidas and 120 years of Red Star


Red Star FC are one the biggest cult clubs in the world.

They may only be playing football in the French second division, but the following that the Paris-based club have is certainly worldwide, the result of a rich history that began when they were founded by French footballing father, Jules Rimet.

The man the World Cup trophy was once named after found the club 120 years ago, and to commemorate the long history of the club that entails a fanbase of politically left-wing supporters. Taking the Red Star to stand for socialism, fans of this cult-club are generally anti-fascist, making them one of the most loved and respected fan bases around and that is something that has often been paid tribute to with fittingly special kits for the players on the pitch.

The name of the club has changed several times since their founding, no fewer than on 10 occasions has their name been altered, yet what the club stands for has remained the same with that red star remaining poignant. adidas are the brand tasked with doing justice to the landmark in the club’s history and, as you’d expect from them, when it comes to making kits they have not let anyone down.

With three-stripes and one Red Star, this kit is worthy of such a special club.