What started as the passion of former pro footballer Regi Blinker grew into Life After Football: a pioneering media platform where a love for football and lifestyle come together. Since its foundation in 2006, Life After Football has introduced various cool lifestyle concepts for the European market via printed media, online media and events. All with a playful reference to where it all started: football. A unique collaboration with the world of professional football and selected partners enable the creation of an inspiring multimedia experience, which spreads the vision of Life After Football and that satisfies the needs of our target group. Our strength lies in our up-to-date network in European professional football and in a passion for lifestyle – in particular for fashion, art gadgets and music.

Life After Football is a perfect outlet for founder Regi Blinker to combine his passion for lifestyle and love for football. Born in Suriname, Regi grew up in Delft (the Netherlands). As a footballer, he made headlines at Feyenoord in Rotterdam, where he played for many years, also reaching the Dutch national team. His international breakthrough came when he played with clubs such as Celtic Glasgow and Sheffield Wednesday. After his career as a footballer, during which he played more than 400 professional games between 1986 and 2003, new doors opened for him: The Life After Football was born!

Candid interviews, fashion shoots, inspiring icons, the latest trends, an exclusive look into the world of European football and more … Life After Football stands for everything that interests our team and target group. Unlike other football magazines, Life After Football goes beyond football. With LAF, our love of football and lifestyle is also spread internationally. The magazine, each issue with a unique theme, is published multiple times a year – both a Dutch as well as an international edition.

The passionate Life After Football team is continually spotting new, cool and inspiring content. The team focus on a lifestyle that interests our target group and us. This lifestyle-related content includes fashion, art, gadgets, design and music. In order to reach our target group the best we can and inspire them with our passion, the online platform is supported daily through our social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter..

Footgolf and the annual presentation of the Fashion Player Awards; just a couple of the events organised by Life After Football to bring our target group in touch with that which we stand for – only in a slightly different way. A connection between football and lifestyle is where it all began for us! Unique gatherings, characteristic of the vision of Life After Football, where pro footballers, ex-pro footballers, other big names in the football scene, their partners, celebs, young entrepreneurs and PR people and media are the guests.